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GulfCarbon Cruise Schedule
An extensive series of cruises have been conducted and from 2003-2012 in the northern Gulf of Mexico to address GulfCarbon objectives. Cruises from Jun 2003 through Apr 2006 were conducted in conjunction with a NASA-funded project entitled "Ocean Color Assessment of pCO2 in a River-Dominated Coastal Margin". Cruises aboard the EPA vessel OSV Bold were conducted in June and September 2006 as part of the EPA's "Monitoring and Assessing the Health of Our Oceans and Coastal Waters" program. An extensive survey of the northern Gulf of Mexico and U.S. eastern coasts, GOMECC, was conducted on board the NOAA vessel N/S Ronald H. Brown as part of NOAA's Global Carbon Cycle program. Cruises during May and November 2008 were completed in conjunction with the NSF-funded MagMix program.

Cruises Completed

Dates Vessel
Jun 24-31 2003 R/V Pelican
Aug 1-8 2004 R/V Pelican
Oct 3-7 2005 R/V Pelican
Apr 27 - May 1 2006 R/V Pelican
Jun 6-11 2006 OSV Bold (EPA)
Sep 6-11 2006 OSV Bold (EPA)
Jul 10 - Aug 4 2007 R/V Brown (NOAA)
May 1-8 2008 R/V Pelican
31 Oct-7 Nov 2008 R/V Pelican
Jan 8-20 2009 R/V Cape Hatteras
Apr 19 - May 1 2009 R/V Cape Hatteras
July 18 - 30 2009 R/V Cape Hatteras
Oct 28 - Nov 9 2009 R/V Sharp
Mar 10-22 2010 R/V Cape Hatteras
The GulfCarbon project carried out four cruises in 2009 and continues in 2010 in conjunction with the intensive effort funded by NSF (OCE-0752110 and OCE-0752254) and entitled "Satellite Assessment of CO2 Distribution, Variability and Flux and Understanding of Control Mechanisms in a River Dominated Ocean Margin". The final cruise is scheduled for March 2010.
A representative cruise track for the GulfCarbon cruises covers an extended region of the northern Gulf of Mexico as far west as the Sabine River and to the Mobile River in the east. More detailed information can be found in in the cruise plans and cruise reports.

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